Wednesday, January 26

iPhone Purge

Now that I'm feeling better, I'm really going to try to start updating the blog more often. It's one of my goals for this year! I got HORRIBLE about doing it this past fall. Sure.. I was pregnant, exhausted and sick 24/7.. but I'm better now! So.. the blog needs to be better! RIGHT??!! :)

I always love going through my iPhone pictures. Our most random and funny pics are always on my phone. They never fail to bring a smile to my face!! I hope they brighten your day too!

Brothers... LOVE!

Ethan has been in a MAJOR superhero fix lately.. and I mean, HUGE! We were all leaving one day to go somewhere (I dont even remember where!) and I was telling E to pick up his "men" b/c Huck sure does love to destroy them! He told me that he did and then showed me where... that's what I found! You know you live in a house with a little boy when you discover this on your bookcase!

You also know you live in a house with a 6yr old Miss Priss when your husband has one blue toe!!! Why, you make ask??? She wanted to test the color out before putting on her own toes! Yes... life is certainly is interesting with a house full of kiddos!

Ethan had a sinus infection/upper resp infection and was feeling under the weather. I found him in the bathroom like this coughing up his drainage. I asked him why he was like that and he said, "This is how you throw up, Mommy!" (I think my morning sicking is starting to affect the entire family!! YIKES!! ha!)

Ethan... a nerf gun... and military grade special forces tactics.. DANGEROUS!!!

Bathroom Break! And what man doesn't need a good superman comic to help him out??! ;)
Oh boy!! That's all I can say!


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Kyndi said...

Ethan reminds me of Jack...he is very much in the super hero phase...i'm always finding batman figures and army guys in random places :)