Sunday, January 23

Pump It Up!!

Thank goodness... I am FINALLY feeling better!!!! Still not 100%, but definitely world's better! So much so, that Friday night I was able to join Chris and the kiddos for a surprise birthday party. Brittany held a surprise party for her fiance, Brian, at Pump It Up! It was a blast!!! His birthday is actually this coming up Saturday (the same day at a certain little lady in the Stickles House!) ;), so he was completely unsuspecting of the party.

She was able to get everyone there! I think it's safe to say that everyone reverted to their inner child and had a blast! Well.. except for me! I was forbidden from bouncing. I dont think Baby would have appreciated that much!! ha! I got tons of pics though... so enjoy!!

Sweet Miss Makenzie

B told everyone to wear their favorite Memphis Tiger attire!

E was bouncing and sliding from the moment he walked in! He was hilarious to watch!!

That's him flying off the slide! Not one ounce of fear!

I think Papa had just as much fun as LK and E!


They are so sweet! We can not wait for their wedding in October!! (hopefully I will have lost all baby weight by then! Fingers crossed!) :)

Look at this gorgeous cake that Joell made!!!

The best part of the night was when B turned off the lights and turned the disco strobe lights on!! Of course, my kiddos were immediately dancing in the middle of everyone! They are a mess! We definitely dont have to worry about them being shy! ha!

After bouncing it was pizza and cake time!

We had so much fun!! I filled up on some yummy cake and chips & dip (the first "bad" foods I've had since becoming pregnant! i was so excited to not be sick!!! ha!) and Baby LOVED it!! :)

We didn't do much the rest of the weekend except CLEAN!! I've been so sick that I haven't been able to do much hardcore cleaning. And trust me.. the house needed it BADLY!! I am OCD when it comes to everything being clean, so it was really getting under my skin. So, when I woke up feeling better, I took advantage and got the bleach out! I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed! I got a head start in some organization to make room for baby things and got several bags ready for Goodwill. (I told you that they'd be seeing a lot of me! ha!) There's still a few things to mark off my list.. like my sewing room! I'm determined to get it cleaned out and organized before March so I can start monogramming and sewing immediately after we found out what Baby #3 is going to be!! (I have a GOOD feeling, but I'll wait to share!) ;) So... house is clean and sanitized ... and laundry is DONE! It's a fabulous feeling! Although, now I feel like someone beat the heck of me! Definitely worth it though!! I may have to end up hiring a cleaning lady as my tummy gets bigger.. it's a little hard to get down in the tub and shower and scrub! ha!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!! We are gearing up for a certain SEVEN year old's birthday on Saturday!!! There a some BIG surprises in store for her! :)


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