Monday, January 3

Oh What Fun!

On New Year's Day, we decided to meet up with the Caldwell's again for a little ice skating at the Memphis Zoo! This year, the zoo has put in an outdoor ice rink (well, it's in a tent they've constructed outside) and it's a HUGE hit!! We've been patiently waiting for a good opourtunity and Saturday seemed like it. And it was! There were no lines and the weather wasn't too extremely cold to be able to walk around the zoo.

Before walking to the rink, we stopped at the Cat House Cafe for some cocoa! The kids were making animal faces!!

Now.. with me being pregnant, I wasn't able to skate. So that meant that Chris had to skate with both kids! Which was definitely a sight to see! I think each one went around about 3 times and then were done! ha!

Addyson LOVED it!!

LK eventually braved the ice on her own a little, but was definitely not as fond of it as Addyson was! ha! We were considering having her birthday party there in a few weeks... well, that wont be happening now! haha!

Considering not liking the ice all that much, the kids had a great time and enjoyed seeing the few animals that were braving the cold weather! We were all exhausted by the time we got home! What a great way to ring in the new year!!


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