Tuesday, February 8


We had SO much fun this past weekend!! Saturday morning, we didn't have any plans (a little unheard of as of lately!), so we decided to take the kiddos bowling!! LK got a gift certificate for her birthday and was dying to try it out! Neither of them had ever been before.

They had a blast!!! Both of them were asking when they could come back! BTW, when did bowling get so expensive??! One game of bowling for a family of 4 was over $30!! WOW! I was expecting like $20! ha! Little did we know, but Ethan is quite the bowler! He LOVED it! He actually won our game! (and got the first strike! ha!)

Daddy giving her a little lesson!

They loved watching the balls come up!

he would stand there and wait for it to hit the balls.. considering his ball went SO SLOW down the lane, this took a while! ha!

Daddy was so proud of his form! ;)

This is his first strike... it's going...

and they're down!

He got bored of standing and waiting.. so he just laid down!

I'm sure you can all guess how much LK liked the shoes! ha!

After our game, the kiddos had to try out the games in the arcade area! I dont know who enjoyed it more though.. the kids.. or Chris! ;)

We had such a fun time! I even got a bowl a bit! We will definitely be taking them back again soon.

All in all, our weekend was very relaxing! I am back to my usual cleaning/laundry/grocery routine and it feels great!

This coming up weekend, we're back to our typical "birthday" party schedule! (I swear it feels like we have one every weekend!!) So, it'll be a little hectic again for a while. It was nice to enjoy a little bit of time "off"! ;)

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Sam said...

Your kids are just too stinking cute, and looks like everyone had a blast bowling! :)