Monday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day from The Stickles'


We have had a great day!! We started the day off with giving the kiddos their Valentine's. They woke up to sweet little buckets filled with goodies!

Ethan's bucket was filled with a new Captain America, Wolverine and a comic book. He LOVED it!!

LK's bucket was filled with glitter headbands and makeup! She has been asking for new blush!

They loved all their goodies! They were even more excited about getting to school though! We spent almost an hour last night filling goodie bags for their friends at school!

Chris and I decided to take it easy for V-Day this year.. esp with the new baby coming! Let's face it.. we will need ALOT of baby gear very soon! He did surprise me with some gorgeous hydrangeas though!! I kept dropping hints every time we walked into Kroger! ha!

I hope everyone else had a fabulous day!!


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Ben and Emily said...

Nothin' says Valentine's like Wolverine!! ;)

LOVE those hydrangeas! They're so pretty.