Sunday, February 20

quick weekend recap...

What a gorgeous weekend it has been in Memphis!!!

* We started the weekend by LK and I joining MeMaw, Goo Goo and Lacie for lunch on Saturday followed by a mani/pedi for LK at Sweet and Sassy! She had a ball!!! And, of course, she picked the most adorable shade of pink imaginable! :) While we were gone, Chris and Ethan got their hair cut and hung out at the park with Huck.

* After our "girl day", I dropped LK off at Noni and Papa's where she and E were spending the night! Chris and I were able to enjoy a date night.. dinner at Old Venice (YUMMY pizza and crawfish soup!!) and some TCBY.. Baby LOVED it! ;)

* We woke up this morning and did our weekly Kroger and Target run. (after Chris surprised me with breakfast in bed - croissants and strawberries.. DELISH!) As soon as the kiddos came home we headed to the Zoo to make the most of the incredible weather! We had a fabulous time!! All the animals were out having fun and enjoying the sunshine. We even got to see the polar bears being fed, which was so fun to watch!

Ok - please ignore my terrible face.. i was in the middle of laughing! but is this not hilarious??!! I sure do love that girl.. even if she is making fun of me!! ;)

What I'm going to look like in a few months! ha!

* We had a ball!! Right now, litterally everyone in my house is napping (even Huck!) and I'm finishing up on laundry. Looks like a lazy night in store for our house!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!!


Neely said...

It looks like yall had the best time!

Ben and Emily said...

It was a beautiful day for the zoo! Looks like y'all had a great time! Lol at the picture of LK and you! Too sweet!

(We tried Old Venice for the first time Fri and loved it! I'll have to try the crawfish soup next time!)