Thursday, February 3

SO GLAD that this week is almost over!!

This has been an absolutely crazy week!!! Not only has the temperature dropped back down into the 20's, but we're also predicted to get MORE SNOW tonight and tomorrow!!! I am OVER the snow! I am OVER winter!! Last time I checked, I lived below the Mason-Dixon Line!! I am ready for some normal Memphis weather! (as if it's ever normal.. Memphis has THE most unpredictable weather!)

Our crazy week started with me getting a phone call on Monday from a parent/fellow teacher at the school where I teach. She told me that her little one (who I share a PE time with) was diagnosed with Fifths Disease. I had never heard of this!! My kiddos never went to daycare, so we were never exposed to the typical childhood illnesses like Fifths and Hand, Foot, Mouth and others. She said that he pediatrician wanted me to call my OB to get tested b/c apparently exposure to Fifths during pregnancy is not good. So, of course, I freaked out! I immediately called my doctor and they scheduled me for blood work the next day. They also told me that I needed to get LK tested since she had also been sick the past few days. (Fifths presents itself as a "flu" for about 2 weeks and then a face/body rash once you're not contagious - LK had been complaining of sore throat, cough, low fever and achiness) Needless to say, our entire Tuesday was spent in and out of doctor's offices... in the pouring rain! Luckily, LK is perfectly fine, just a normal virus that has to run it's course. I haven't gotten my results back, but we are very optimistic!!! The worst time to be exposed is during your first trimester and i am well past that! Just keep sweet baby in your prayers! :)

I had to go back to the doctor on Wednesday for my regular check-up and everything is measuring great! Well.. except my weight! :( I am not gaining any!! I have stalled out at a total of 6lbs gained. Dont get me wrong.. I'm glad I'm not a whale like I was with Ethan.. but I do need to gain some more! (I promise ya'll that I gained over 50lbs with Ethan!!! I'm pretty sure that I had packed on a good 20lbs by 16 weeks with him! ha!)

So with the cold weather and all the doctor's visits, we have stayed indoors the rest of the time. We've done alot of this...

she did them herself.. didn't she do GREAT!!?! ;)

And we've done alot of this...

which is about to drive me up the wall!! Ethan likes to blare the music as loud as possible!

Well, that about sums up our week. I am more than glad that it's almost over!! Now, I'm just hoping for NO snow/ice tomorrow and for Chris to move that keyboard into LK's room!! (and maybe install a padlock on the door to keep Ethan out!! ha!)

Have a great weekend!


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Ben and Emily said...

Fifths disease doesn't sound good, at all! I'm glad your co-worker informed you, just in case! Fingers crossed that all is good!

Love LK's nails! :)