Wednesday, February 16

Let It Snow.. Let It Snow.. Let It Snow..

This time last week, we were snowed in!! I haven't seen that much snow in Memphis, in I dont know how long! Of course, my kiddos dont like playing in the snow.. so that just means that we were just stuck inside all day! But Chris and I did manage a mid-afternoon movie while they were napping. (Life As We Know It is HILARIOUS!! Every parent must watch it!!) They did attempt to go outside for a little while... aka FIVE minutes! Once each of them got a little wet, it was over. The snow was just too soft and powdery to do anything with it. But, I got some cute pics!! For some reason, blogger uploaded them out of order, but they're still adorable!

LK also passed time by playing "doggie doctor" with Huck! Isn't he such a good sport!!

I am LOVING my new camera!! I am finally learning a few tips & tricks!!

Huck LOVED the snow!!

LK tried to make a snow angel, but Huck couldn't resist giving her some love.. she was NOT happy..

as you can tell..

His hands got wet and he was DONE.. I guess now he knows why Mommy kept saying to keep your gloves on! ;)

He was a bit dramatic about it.

And then she was DONE! I swear.. we are NEVER taking a ski vacation!! We are sticking to Disney World and the beach for sure!

She found an icicle and was pretending to be the Statue of Liberty!

Hopefully, the winter weather is gone for the season! I think we definitely had our share this year!! The weather this week has been absolutely gorgeous and we have loved getting to take advantage of it! :)


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Lindsey said...

Ha-ha-ha! Bless bones in the snow-your kiddos are stinkin' cute. And pictures so crisp! I have been browsing cameras- you are going to have to school me!