Wednesday, February 9

snow cream = pure yumminess!

Well, it's snowing.. AGAIN.. in Memphis! I have never in my life seen this much snow! I dont know if my bones can handle this cold weather much more. Today marked the second day this week that I had to go pick up the kids several hours early from school and they've already canceled it for tomorrow. I AM BEGINNING TO REALLY DISLIKE SNOW!!!

Luckily, we were all home by noon, so we missed all of the crazy traffic. My mom left work around one this afternoon and didn't get home till after 5! My sister was stuck on the interstate for several hours and the news said that the roads were in terrible condition! I just can't even imagine!!

So, we made the most of our day and collected some snow for snow cream! It was DELISH! They kids LOVED it!

Hopefully the snow melts fast! Although, it's predicted to be around for another 24hrs while the temps are below freezing! :( I am so ready for sunshine and warm weather!!!



Paige said...

These pictures look like so much fun! I think everyone seems to be over old man winter! He has really given us a hard year!

Ben and Emily said...

Looks fun! I've always wanted to try snow cream...maybe one day!

Oh and I read it will be 60 by Tuesday!!