Friday, February 25

Sad Goodbyes & Stormy Weather

Yesterday was my last day of teaching at Ethan's preschool. I am officially on maternity leave from PDO! While I am definitley looking forward to not being exhausted so much, I am SO SAD to be leaving my 12 precious 3 1/2 year olds!!! Ethan is of course still going to be in school though, so I am looking forward to visiting them often! I've already told them that I would be back the Tuesday after we find out whether the new baby is a boy or girl! I've never posted any pictures of all the fun I had with them, so beware.. PICTURE OVERLOAD!!! :) I just love them to pieces and am going to miss them so much!

Farm Day!
My Sweet Miss Causey (aka - Ethan's LOVE!) ;)

It was definitely a "perk" to get to see this cute face while I was working!! ;)

Cookies With Grandparents

Hayride & Pumpkin Patch

They celebrated my birthday with me!


Thanksgiving Feast

We made the turkey handprint t-shirts and they turned out so stinkin' cute!

Christmas Program!

Decorating cookies for Christmas on PJ Day! (our last day before break)

making reindeer food

We had a visit from Santa!!

We were learning opposites.. "under/over" "front/behind".. things like that! So, they got to color "under" the table! They LOVED it!!

For "O" week, we made Octopus hotdogs, which were a big hit! And for "P" week, we held a "P Party" complete with Pizza, Popcorn, Pretzels and Punch!

Last night we also got some very stormy weather in Memphis! It was predicted for days and boy were they right! We prepared all day at school for the storms, but they fortunately held off till after I was able to leave school with Ethan, go pick up LK AND make a Target run! (you know.. priorities! ha!) We were able to have dinner and get prepared for the storm before anything actually hit. Chris was actually out for a run with Huck when the sirens started going off. Luckily, most of the bad weather hit just to the north of our house, so we only saw high winds for a few minutes and never lost electicity! The sirens went on for quite a while though! I always get so stressed during storms. You'd think that living in Memphis my entire life would ease my anxiety for them, but it surely has not! Thank goodness for Dave Brown! :)

Today it is COLD! I am so ready for 60+ degrees!! We are really looking forward to tomorrow.. I signed the kids up for a running club and tomorrow is their first training session!!! We will see how it goes! :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend!



Neely said...

I cant get over how cute those kiddos are!!!

Love from Texas said...

Those are some serious cuties! Good for you for taking some time off so early though... I'm seeing just how long I can stretch my (ahem) "Maternity Leave" with Hadley ;)