Wednesday, November 7

All dogs have birthday, too!

In our house, 4 legged children are just as loved as 2 legged children. And Huck Stickles is probably the moved loved puppy on the planet. My sweet boy isn’t so much of a puppy anymore though… this year he turned THREE years old!!! Of course, we celebrated with cake, ice cream, and gifts galore!


E spotted this in Kroger and figured Huck sure would like it! ;)

DSC_0136     DSC_0148

E picked out a cake and ice cream! Obviously, Oreo Birthday Blast was the ONLY way to go! ha! (LK was still at school.. that’s why E had all the decision making!)

DSC_0141     DSC_0142

After dinner, we got everything ready for the birthday boy!!



We picked up Doggie cookies to bake for him and doggie ice cream. He LOVED them!!


DSC_0150     DSC_0152



He loved all of his new stuffed animals and bones. Spoiled little (BIG) thing!

We sure do love our Huck Stickles!!!


Amy said...

Aww, how cute! Happy Birthday Huck!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Huck! Mable has birthday parties too.