Tuesday, November 6

Birthday Weekend!

To be honest, my birthday weekend started off a little rough. I was woken up at 2 am with a phone a call from my mom to tell me that Grandma Hunt had passed away. It was heartbreaking. I have had Grandma in my life since birth and it was incredibly tough news to hear. I immediately got myself together and headed to Grandma’s house to meet up with my mom and the rest of the Hunt family. Sweet Grandma peacefully died in her sleep. I ended up not getting home till abo put 6am and went to straight to sleep. LK had a game that morning and my amazing husband took ALL 3 kids by himself so that I could get some sleep!!! I woke up when everyone was on their way back from the game. Chris had told me for several weeks to keep my day open. I soon found out that he had planned for me to spend a MUCH needed day at the spa!!

I spent 4 hours at the spa. Complete with a massage, mani, pedi, and lunch! Incredibly relaxing!!! He picked me up from the spa and we had enough time to do a little shopping. Then, it was time to get ready for dinner. Chris surprised me with dinner at Paulette’s. I hadn’t been to Paulette’s since it moved to Mud Island and was extremely pleased with the new atmosphere and the incredibly deliculious food!! We had a wonderful time!

After dinner, we headed back towards East Memphis, but decided to stop at Interim for desert and drinks. Perfect choice!! The pear tart was to die for and the wine was perfectly chilled! It was the PERFECT way to spend my birthday!! Chris did an amazing job of making me feel special and loved!

Of course, through it all, my heart was with my Hunt family and Grandma.

DSC_0208     DSCN0447_1

The next morning, we got up and he surprised me again with brunch at Owen Brennan’s. Again… DELICIOUS food!!! We were both completely stuffed to the gills. I’m pretty sure I gained about 15lbs with all the amazing food all weekend. We joked that I was “eating my way into 30!”

After brunch, we headed in to Bartlett for a family lunch. My mon had managed to get everyone together for a delicious meal.


DSC_0004     DSC_0005

My Daddy cooked an amazing Italian fest!!! He did a great job!!

DSC_0008     DSC_0013

Happy Birthday, Mommy!!!!

DSC_0015     DSC_0017

I am such a blessed lady!


Just for the record, my child had a super cute outfit to wear but refused to do so! So… naked it was! You pick your battles!


Everyone had a wonderful time!

DSC_0024     DSC_0025


DSC_0035     DSC_0036



Momma and Daddy – forever grateful for these two!


Even in the midst of grief, my incredible Hunt Family came to celebrate with me. Like we’ve always said… blood is thicker than water, oh but LOVE is thicker than blood!

I had an absolutely incredible time celebrating my 30th birthday!! I am so fortunate to get to spend my days with such amazing people. I truly believe that I am surrounded with the most loving and caring husband, beautiful and kind children, and supportive family and friends. Blessed doesn’t even begin to describe it! I am beyond blessed!! Here’s to the next 30 years!! May they be just as amazing as the last!

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Amy said...

Happy 30th Birthday Natalie!