Tuesday, November 13

Pumpkin Carving

Once Daddy got home and we ate dinner, it was carving time!! We had to find something that everyone liked. Which that in itself is a chore! LK and E are in their arguing stage of sibling-hood. Not fun, I assure you!! However, we suggested Frankenstein and surprisingly they both wanted it! So, we googled a Frankenstein design and then I drew it on the pumpkin. (I was rather impressed with my art skills! ha!)
DSC_0208       DSC_0211
Daddy and E got busy cleaning out the insides.
DSC_0214       DSC_0215
Then Gray and LK wanted to join in! I opted out of that one!
DSC_0216       DSC_0218
G really didn’t know what to think of it!!
DSC_0221       DSC_0222
DSC_0232       DSC_0237
Again , playing with the plastic tubs!! Seriously.. I think Santa may just get a stack and call it a done deal!
And, there’s our Frankenstein all lit up! Chris did a wonderful job carving it!!!
DSC_0241       DSC_0244
Gray really liked it!
We are now all ready for Halloween!!!

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