Saturday, November 10

Candy Apples

After the fall festival, we came home and made candied apples. We had bought mixes to make the red candied ones and the caramel ones. The kids didn’t enjoy the red candied ones as much b/c the candy hardened so fast. They had a blast with the caramel ones though!! It was super fun for everyone! We may have even started a new Halloween tradition! :)


Getting everything ready!


candy cooking!!


While we were waiting for the candy to cook, the kiddos kept busy with Halloween puzzles. (I absolutely LOVE crocodile creek items!!!)


Little man quite enjoyed his apple!! It was like a big lollipop to him!


Caramel cooking!


Look how pretty they turned out!


DSC_0114       DSC_0115

Decorating the apples!! We dipped them in caramel and then dripped hot fudge on them. Then it was time for the nuts, gummy worms, gummy bears, and sparkles!



They turned out great!! LK and E were so proud of their work!


We packaged up a few of the apples and the kiddos took them to their teachers. All of the teachers loved them!

We’re already looking forward to more apples next Halloween!!

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