Sunday, November 11

Cheer Off 2012

The weekend before Halloween, we FINALLY finished cheer for the year. The girls had cheer off! It was held at Houston Middle School again this year and everything was great! The girls did such a wonderful job!!! These are the pics I took. Chris took video on his phone, but I’ll have to get that from him to post. I am SO SO proud of all of their hard work!! And I have to admit that I’m proud of me too… (and Chris & the boys!) we made it! The last few weeks extremely hard on us. Chris was out of town and she literally had either practice or tumbling EVERY single night!! The boys were exhausted and I was at my breaking point! But, we made it through and I am so proud of all of us!!


We saw Trinity!!


Some of the girls!


One of her coaches this year.. Grace

DSC_0007       DSC_0010

My gorgeous girl!

DSC_0015       DSC_0018

We saw Trinity’s mom too.. LK’s Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Jeffrey. She is SO proud of her LK!


Starting the routine…

DSC_0026 DSC_0029 DSC_0035

She did AWESOME!!!!!!


DSC_0039       DSC_0040

DSC_0041       DSC_0044

They hit ALL their stunts and tumbling! The dance looked great! They did SUCH a great job!!!

DSC_0051       DSC_0053

They won TWO ribbons this year.. Best Cheer and Best Sideline!

DSC_0057       DSC_0059

LK, McKenzie, and Alison.. and their stunt coach Alex.



Noni and Papa with their girl.


Goo Goo and MeMaw were there too!


this picture cracks me up… this is SO typical of us trying to get a family picture. I was too busy talking and Chris was trying to explain to his dad how to use the camera. LK, of course, is always camera ready and the boys could have cared less! hahaha!!!


Well.. at least everyone was looking at the camera! ;)


Ms. Christy and Ms. Jennifer



I absolutely LOVE my precious girl!! I am such a lucky Mama to have her for a daughter.

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