Thursday, November 15

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Before Chris left to go out of town, we celebrated his birthday with the kids. I reserved dinner at Benihana. Neither Chris nor I had been since it was rebuilt after the fire, so we were really looking forward to going. The kids always love hibachi, so they were super excited!
DSCN0448       DSCN0450
The boys LOVE their Daddy!!
Mango Lemonade!!! YUMMM!!!
Chopsticks = Drumsticks
DSCN0457       DSCN0458
Take 1 and Take 2.. both fails!
DSCN0466       DSCN0467
Again, take 1 and take 2.. what is it with this kid??!
Love my sweet baby!
We had a fabulous time celebrating Daddy’s birthday!! We can’t wait till he gets home so that we can finish showering him with gifts!

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