Wednesday, November 14

Big Boy Bed!!!

Someone moved up to a new status level in the world..
Gray Stickles, Big Boy!
He kept climbing out of his bed and I was terrified that he was going to hurt himself, so I had Chris take down the crib rail and put up the toddler rail. He LOVES it!!! He was so excited while the boys were working on it.
Look at that face!!!
OH MY GRACIOUS… he looks like a 3yr old sitting there!!!! My baby is no normal 16m old! He’s HUGE!
DSC_0201       DSC_0203
Helping Daddy!
And he’s out!!! The first night was a success!!
He’s done really great in his new bed. We were worried about his newfound freedom, but he’s been pretty good. He sleeps on a nap mat at MDO and they always tell me how good he does. And, I’m pretty sure that he’s really just itching to be a big boy, like his brother!We’ve only had one night where he wandered into the hallway and was throwing tennis balls to Huck. THAT was fun! ha!
I also purchased the boys new matching beds. I found a set of PRECIOUS matching twin beds at a local antique store and fell in love with them!! I’ll probably just buy Gray they matching bedding to Ethan’s set. Now, I just have to purchase a new dresser and nightstand. I can’t wait to start working on their room!! I just LOVE two beds in boy rooms. Then, it’s on to new pre-teen (SCARY!!!) furniture for LK! I swear, it’s never ending in this house!!

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