Monday, November 12

Let’s pick a pumpkin!

The Monday before Halloween, the 29th, we finally got our big pumpkin to carve! Typically, LK and E each get their own pumpkin to carve. Since we have 3 little people this year though and we had decorated individual pumpkins with the potato head decorations, so ONE pumpkin to carve it was! ;)

We headed back to our tried and true pumpkin patch down the street at 2nd again..

DSC_0133       DSC_0135

The boys did a lot of roaming.. while LK did a lot of picking!


DSC_0145       DSC_0150

See.. totally not interested in pumpkin picking! They liked the idea more of pumpkin hauling!!

DSC_0152       DSC_0153

The sweet old man at the patch let the kids pick out a little pumpkin for free! (Momma likes free! haha!)

DSC_0155       DSC_0157

Of course, you can NEVER go to the patch without frolicking in the hay stacks!

DSC_0158       DSC_0159

I tried to get a cute one!





DSC_0172       DSC_0177

We picked out a winner and then headed back home to get ready for Daddy to come home!

DSC_0180       DSC_0189

Just a few randoms of Gray. He had fun getting into whatever he could get his hands on! This day it was his sister’s Uggs, bins from Target, and the car seats. (They were covered in hay from the patch, so I brought them in to vacuum and wash) Kept him busy for probably an hour!! It was great!

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