Wednesday, November 21

Avengers at the Zoo!

Last weekend was Daddy’s first weekend home in about 3 weeks. Of course, it meant that we were jammed packed with activities. We started Saturday with family pictures, then Ethan and I headed out to a birthday party for a classmate. It was at a new play area in Germantown called Kid’s Play. A friend of a friend owns it and I was pleasantly surprised with how fun it was!! Ethan had a great time and all the kids really seemed to enjoy themselves. After the party, we came home to get the rest of the bunch and then headed to the zoo. The zoo was hosting a “zooperhero weekend” complete with the Avengers! We just had to take Ethan! Not to mention that they had all the lights around the zoo lit for “Zoo Lights”. We didn’t get to partake in the ice skating and ferris wheel since we had Gray with us, but we have big plans to head back soon for that!! The lights were very pretty though and we did get a peek at Santa’s reindeer, Dancer and Dasher.

DSC_0005       DSC_0007

big tree at the front entrance

DSC_0015       DSC_0017

Dasher and Dancer

DSC_0016       DSC_0021

the kiddos loved the reindeer and the YUMMY hot chocolate!!

DSC_0022     DSC_0027

Love my sweet baby!!


DSC_0034     DSC_0037

The Avengers show was super fun! The kiddos loved it!!

DSC_0040       DSC_0041

DSC_0045     DSC_0047


What a great time!!!

On Sunday, Aunt Lynsey and Uncle RP came over for family dinner. November 15th is Uncle RP’s birthday and November 1st is Chris’ birthday, so we had to get together to celebrate both.

DSC_0063       DSC_0067

After dinner, Uncle RP and Ethan played the hunting game on the Wii. Ethan was getting quite disappointed with RP’s shooting skills! ha! He eventually got a few coyotes and bears though.. so that made up for it! ;)

We had a wonderful weekend! We were so excited to have Daddy home!!!

DSC_0001       DSC_0005

These are actually from a few weekends ago when LK had her end of the year Cheer party! The girls got together for pizza and trophies! They always love getting to goof off together. I can’t believe that this season is already over!!! Can’t wait for next!

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