Saturday, November 17

Disney Live!

Last Friday afternoon, as soon as the boys got out of school, I headed to LK’s school and checked her out early. We had a special afternoon planned downtown at the Cannon Center. Disney Live was in town and the kids were begging to go! So, I called up Grams and asked if she’d like to join us (always better with a ratio of 2 adults:3 kids). The show started at 3 and we got there JUST in time!!


waiting for the show to start!


DSC_0012       DSC_0013

his “CHEEESEEE” face! LOVE it!!!


DSC_0017 DSC_0018 DSC_0019


DSC_0030       DSC_0036

We all loved the show! Apparently, it was the thing to do that afternoon b/c we ran into so many friends and their kiddos. We love Disney and especially Disney shows. Usually we do Disney On Ice, so this one was a bit new to us. It was great though!!! It definitely left us itching to head back to Orlando!

If Disney Live comes to your area, definitely go!! Worth the $!! Just avoid the guys carrying toys on the big sticks… $50 later we now have an Ariel doll and TWO swords! FABULOUS! ;)

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