Wednesday, December 30

Alvin.. Simon.. Theodore!

The C-H-I-P-M-U-N-K-S!!
If there is one movie that we all, as a family, love.. it's The Chipmunk Movie! My kids just fall to pieces in laughter each time they watch it. And I dont know what more funny for Chris and I.. the movie itself or watching my kids laugh and act out every scene! I have to admit watching a 2yr old bounce up and down and say "Dave like to wear... dirty underwear.." is quite humorous! :)

When we saw the previews for the sequel "squeakquel" a few months ago.. we knew this one movie that just had to go see! As it got closer to opening day, more and more previews were all over the tv channels and the kids were just giddy with anticipation! It was so cute to watch them begin to learn scenes from the new movie, w/o even seeing it yet! My favorite... Ethan renacting Alvin, saying "shake what your mama gave ya!" HILARIOUS!

Luckily, Chris has had the most relaxed holiday schedule with work and has been able to be home with us alot! So, yesterday afternoon, we decided to surprise the kids with the movie! They had no idea and you should have seen their smiles when we pulled into the movie theater! They immediately knew what we were going to see! Once we got inside they spotted the Chipmunks statues.. off they went!

The movie was just as funny as the first one! The kids had a blast! We did too!! Even being in the theater didn't stop them from laughing hysterically and quoting the scenes. The best part was when LK got up to bust a move when the Chipettes starting singing "Single Ladies"! I dont think I've ever laughed so hard! Although I'm a little worried with her dancing skills.. she shakes it a little too good for a 5yr old! ;)

Definitely go see the movie.. even if you dont have kids! :)


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