Thursday, December 10

the newest family member...

Meet Huck!

He is the newest member of the family!

Huck was purchased from a breeder in town by some friends of ours. Unfortunately their older labs just didn't want a little brother, so they decided not to keep him! Lucky for us though, b/c he is just what we've been looking for! Miss Dixie has needed a friend for some time now and Huck certainly is perfect for her.

He is 9wks old and already is HUGE!

LK is NOT a fan of puppy breath!

He and Miss Dixie quickly made friends.. after she showed him who was boss, of course!:)

Ethan LOVES him! They are little sidekicks.. and trouble makers!

Apparently, he expects Santa to share!

Gosh.. I love them all so much!

We are definitely enjoying our new addition! Although, those 2am potty breaks are a little much! ha! He is growing everyday! Pretty soon we'll have Huck the HORSE, not Huck the puppy!


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