Tuesday, December 22

here comes santa claus.. here comes santa claus..

Well, we FINALLY made it see Santa this year! I was beginning to feel bad b/c LK assured me that EVERYONE in her class had been to see him.. except her! (but at the same time i had the "well, obviously their parents have a little more time on their hands" attitude.. but that's not being in the Christmas spirit! ha!) So, we all got up Saturday morning, put on the kiddos Christmas outfits and headed to the best place in Memphis to visit Santa - The Pink Palace!

The Pink Palace hosts a memphis tradition every year - The Enchanted Forest . It is a winding path decorated with trees, animals, snow, trains and of course, Santa at the end! The best part is that all proceeds go toward LeBonheur Children's Hospital! The Enchanted Forest has been around since I was a little girl and it's something I look forward to every year. When I was little, it was held at the old Goldsmith's department store in downtown Memphis (Goldsmith's was bought by Macy's). I would always feel so "big" being able to go all the way downtown to see it!

The kids had a absolute ball! First we got to see all the decorated Christmas trees! It was so cute to see them pick their "favorites".. although very tempting not to touch! ;) They loved wandering through the "forest" and then finding Santa at the end. I have to say.. he was the BEST Santa I've ever seen! Not only did he look like Santa... he spent SO much time with each child! I know he asked LK at least 3 different things that were on her list! Even Ethan loved Santa! I was a little nervous b/c last year he definitely did NOT!

After we visited Santa, we were a little rebellious and wandered around through the history exhibits in the museum! shhh.. ha!

All in all.. we ALL had such a great time visiting Santa!

Our favorite tree! :)

dancing to the Christmas music!

they were just amazed by all the little creatures

I tried to get a pic of the kids.. but this is the best I got! ha!

... and then Ethan fell in the "snow"!

gingerbread houses.. taken very seriously! ;)


and even more houses!

SANTA!!! Have you ever seen a girl so excited??? I tell you... this child has ALWAYS just loved Santa! She knew early on that he was the man to be nice too.. he brings the gifts! ha!

telling the "big guy" exactly what she wants...

E's turn.. he said (very specifically).. "a yellow backhoe"! Is he a Stickles Boy or what?!

LK getting the "DO NOT TOUCH" speech.. and you can tell how interested she was! ha!

Ethan yelled "basketballs" and then ran off with the foam finger! OH MY! (i bet they were ready for us to leave! haha!)

We found Elvis! :)

the replica of the original Piggly Wiggly store!

We had such a fun day at The Pink Palace & The Enchanted Forest! We are definitely ready for Santa to visit us!! :)


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The Byingtons said...

This is so cute! I bet the Santas out there have a lot of great stories about what kids have asked for. I can just see a cute little boy like yours saying "a yellow backhoe." haha! Adorable.