Thursday, December 10

Christmas Tree.. Oh, Christmas Tree

This past weekend we finally got around to getting our Christmas tree! For the past few years, we've been getting a real tree and we love going to pick one out! Saturday we went to Lowes and let the kids run around and find a "good one"! They picked out a 7ft fir.. and it's perfect!

The best part is that they trim the tree for you AND you can keep the trimmings! I love to be able to keep the trimmings! Now, getting it in the house proved to be a bit of a struggle for Chris! ha! It's VERY full!

After we got the tree, we put the kids down for a nap. Just the right amount of time for us to get the tree in the stand and get the lights on. They got to put all the ornaments on.. well, at least all the PLASTIC ornaments! :) What a mess though! I think we're downsizing on Christmas decor next year!

And what was my husband doing??? Yep.. watching football! I wont give him too much of a hard time though b/c it was the SEC Championship!

SO Pretty!

Our new tree addition... our Santa topper! :)


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