Thursday, December 3

christmas shirts & walmart!

So, after the hustle and bustle during the few weeks before Thanksgiving, I have felt a little bored! I mean, the slow pace is nice.. but I'm so used to having so much to do.. that I've just needed to do something! I'm working a several Christmas card orders, but other than that.. not a whole lot! The other day while in Hobby Lobby, I spotted some adorable Chrismas material for 50%! I decided to buy it and try my hand at appliqueing. I have several friends who do it and have always wanted to try. So, I got the material and went by Walmart for some solid colored T's (that's a whole other story in itself.. AH!).

Last night I got up the courage to try it out! OH MY! The steps themselves are pretty easy.. I mean, I knew what I was supposed to do. The hard part is the sewing around the edges. I decided to do a zig zag b/c I just love how those look.. so proffessional! I think I picked the hardest designs ever though.. maybe I should have started with a candy cane?! haha! But all in all, I think they turned out pretty darn cute for my first try! The kid's loved them and in the end.. that's all that really matters! :)

*up close you can see all my mistakes.. ha!*

OH! The "Walmart" story..

Well, I dont know about ya'll.. but i HATE Walmart.. with a passion! I absolutely refuse to go unless completely necessary. Well, I knew that Walmart had the solid colored t's that I needed for my project (and for really cheap - $3!) , so I decided to brave it. I figured since it was 3 in the afternoon that it wouldn't be that bad. And the store itself wasn't. I think I only waited about 3 min to check out.. MUCH different from the usual 20 min to check out! However, Ethan just couldn't let me get off the hook with an easy Walmart trip.. nope NOT AT ALL!

First - he decided to SIT (yes, SIT on the dirty gross) Walmart floor and take his rain boots off.. so that meant he was walking around in his socks! I wanted to just die! I could literally see the germs just crawling all over his feet!

Then - While I'm digging through the huge mess of the t's searching for the size I need, he spots something to do with Toy Story and runs off. I realize that he's gone and panic and start searching for him, calling out his name. No Answer! Luckily a very kind stranger heard me, saw him and motioned to me where he was! OH MY GOODNESS! There are not words to describe what I wanted to do to that child.. I was mad, scared, livid, fuming.. you name it, I was it!

And to top it off - We finally get to the check out and while I'm paying he decides to grab the chapstick display.. when I went to pull him away, the ENTIRE display fell on it's side! WOW! I had no idea that many chapstick tubes fit into such a small space!

Needless to say, I looked like the world's best mother yesterday! And I dont think I will EVER go back to Walmart again!

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natalie...did you do this by hand????