Monday, December 14

getting into the Christmas Spirit!

What a weekend! As usual, things are just crazy around our house! We are all getting more and more excited for Christmas, which by the way.. I can NOT believe it's SO close! I am almost finished with my shopping, luckily!
Huck is quickly becoming part of the family. He and Dixie are adjusting to each other quite well. Dixie is so good about letting him tug and pull on her. She just sits there patiently until she's had enough. Then, she let out a loud bark and he knows to back off for a little while. They like to snuggle with each other and stay warm. It's so cute! I'm so happy that we decided to get Huck!

Huck and Ethan are also quickly becoming "best buds"! They are ALWAYS together! The other morning, Ethan found a leash that belongs to one of LK's stuffed animal dogs. He hooked it onto Huck's collar and led him around the upstairs! It was hilarious and so cute! Huck never once resisted either!

Saturday morning, we were all getting ready to go run a few errands and Huck & Ethan were missing and the house was quiet! NOT GOOD! So, I ran upstairs to find this site...

The boys playing in E's bed!

E was showing Huck how to bang on the drums! ha!

Saturday night, we had Memaw and Big Daddy watch the kids while we attended a little "reunion" get together with some of Chris' old friends from elementary and middle school! It ended up being alot of fun. And it's always a good time to hear embarrassing old stories about your husband! ha! :)

Sunday morning came bright and early! LK had to be at church 30min early to practice with the children's chior. That morning the children were singing in both services. They were just adorable! Of course, that meant that we had to attend BOTH services. I think Chris and I now know all the ins and outs of Matthew Chapter 2 and all about "Joy" in the Advent season! :) It was so sweet to get to hear our precious girl sing. Of course, the entire family came out to watch her!

After church, we all went home to take naps! When we woke up, we headed to Noni and Papa's to decorate their Christmas tree and go see Starry Nights! It's been about 10 years since Shelby Farms has done Starry Nights, so we were all very excited! Shelby Farms in Memphis decorates the entire park with thousands of Christmas lights, then you can drive through to see them! It's always a crowd pleaser!

*btw - it's very hard to take pictures of christmas lights in a moving vehicle.. sorry so blurry! ha!*

What a fun weekend! We are all definitely in the Christmas Spirit!


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Love from Texas said...

sounds like fun! the house looks great. you've got such a great mantle for decorating... and your adorable stockings - i saw some at PB outlet and they were marked down to $11. (i assume they'd be at the one in memphis too.) i'm thinkin at that price they may be worth grabbing in case there are any more stickles in store for the future ;)