Tuesday, December 22

the most wonderful time of the year!

With the holidays drawing near, the kids were having so many activities going on at school!

First up.. LK had her VERY FIRST field trip! Although she hated riding the bus, she had a great time! She looked adorable in her class t-shirt! They went to the fire museum downtown.

Next up was Ethan's Christmas program at 2nd Baptist! It was so adorable and all the kids did a fabulous job! The cutest part was hearing them sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus! Ethan sang it for days!

my "everyday" look.. haha! Yes, i'm sorry.. but I dont get all spruced up for the carpool lane! :)

Finally... we had classroom parties! Ethan had a birthday party for Jesus at Christ Methodist and LK's class had their party too! They were both so excited!

yes... I matched my kids... i am THAT mom! haha!

she was so proud of her "mommy made" shirt! :)

The kids had so much fun celebrating Christmas at their schools! Although I have to admit.. I am SO glad it's all over.. well, till May! This is one exhausted Room Mom!



Totallyscrappy said...

Cute, cute tshirts!!

Candice Lynn said...

the purse in the picture of you holding Ethan...where is it from???