Thursday, March 17

another one bites the dust..

Well... another tooth is gone! Looks like the tooth fairy will be visiting tonight!!! (after a quick Target run to buy a $1 package of chocolate chips, just to get $2 in cash back!!!! YES - THAT is the life of a parent!! ha!) However, it didn't come easily.. in true Lilly Kate Stickles fashion, it was quite dramatic!! ha!

Getting ready and discussing the game plan!

Last pic with both top teeth!

Here they go... (side note: this is the very first time that she's let anyone pull a tooth, chris was ecstatic!!)

almost there....

and it's OUT! (see what i mean?? he was SO excited!)

and then, of course, she bawled! haha! why??? who knows!

good gracious! told y'all that she was dramatic! ;)

Ethan said that her tooth looked like a shark tooth.. she he had to demonstrate!

LOOK AT ALL THOSE MISSING TEETH!!!! No wonder we're the tooth fairy is broke!! ;)


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Jacqueline said...

Hahaha. This post cracks me up. I cant believe Chris was soo excited, I think I would have gagged! And ofcourse she HURTS! (And there is a loud snap sound!!) :)