Tuesday, March 15

Spring Break: Marty McFly Style

Besides LK being sick.. we have tried to enjoy Spring Break as much as possible! Ethan definitely has had ALOT of fun!!!

Watch out Marty McFly! ;)

E has really come out of his shell lately! He may not say a whole lot sometimes, but when he does his quite comical! I'm just loving it!

He was using the orange chairs as his "stage", so of course, he had to rockstar leap off of them!

Now for a little Q&A:

*I have had alot of people ask me lately which sites I buy all the kiddos clothing from. Well.. it's a mod podge for sure! I'll do my best to list them here for you!!

{1}Facebook has some great "auction" type pages (ie: page owner posts a pics with so many of certain sizes available in something and the first people to post SOLD win the item - sounds a little intimidating, i know.. but it really is fun!)
The Happy Heart (their store is in Arlington and you HAVE to go!!)

{2}There's also a few Facebook "marketplace" type sites that always offer a good find!! I just love to see what they have!

{3}Some of my favoite go-to websites (and some have FB pages too!) are:

Little English (just had a "warehouse" sale in Memphis and it was GREAT!!)

I'm sure there are ALOT more than I listed, I just haven't found them yet! ha! So.. if you have a good one, please share!! ;) I am LOVING all the facebook sites lately!! I have been able some great deals of baby items for Gray.

The East Memphis Moms blog also just recently posted about some upcoming consignment sales in the East Memphis area.. definitely worth checking out! :)

** Yes, I do my own blog design, but No I'm not doing anyone else's right now! Sorry!! I really do love all your sweet comments about it though! :)

*** For a good list of my favorite applique sites go to Jessica's tutorial. She lists them all at the bottom. I pretty much use the same ones she does, so I figured "why relist them all???" ha! :) (her tutorial is FAB btw!!!)

I think that's all! Dont hesitate to ask questions! I'll do my best to answer (at some point! ha!)!! I hope everyone is having a great week! Enjoy Spring Break, if you're on it! :)


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