Monday, March 21

Happy Birthday, Noni!!

Saturday night we all went out to eat for Noni's birthday! We all met up at her favorite mexican restaurant and had a great time!!

Sweet siblings before dinner!

Noni and Papa

Nana and Pawpaw

She got lots of goodies!! :)

We got Noni a picnic basket, but it wasn't here yet. So, we gave her all the goodies to fill it up (plastic plates, cups and bowls) and a picture off ETSY of what it will look like. Hopefully it will be here this week!!

Brittany, Ashley and LK

Ethan had a blast discussing superheroes with Brian and Phillip

Luckily, I was really able to enjoy the chips and cheese dip. Baby Gray hasn't really been a fan of mexican food, but he was kind to me Saturday night. Maybe next time I wont be pregnant anymore and can enjoy a margarita... or two! ;)



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Holly said...

You still look so great!