Sunday, March 13

Operation: Kid's Rooms!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! We had a quite a busy one around our house! Friday afternoon Chris' mom came a picked the kiddos up after they got out of school to spend the night. So, Chris and I drove out to Collerville to enjoy dinner and the Tigers game. After the game, we drove over to the Avenue mall to do a little shopping. I was able to snag up some more goodies for Gray and some "happy's" for LK and E!!

I am just loving getting to have all this baby stuff in the house again! :)

We went by PBO Saturday afternoon and snatched up this stocking for Gray. It was $2! I couldn't believe it!! We have this set for all of us, so I was excited to add one for Gray for so cheap!! I'll still have to order his "Baby's First Christmas" stocking for this year, but after that.. we are set! We found some other great deals at the outlet too!!!

Saturday afternoon, Ethan fell while riding his skateboard and got a scrape on his elbow and knee. Now, he didn't even break the skin, but you would have thought he had broken bones!!! He was pitiful hobbling around the house! A normal bandaid wasn't good enough, so I wrapped his wounds with gauze and tape. It was hilarious to look at him and you can bet that he played it up BIG TIME!! (such a MAN! ha!) After bath and getting bandaged, he got to lie in our bed and watch one of his superhero shows.. he lasted not even 10 minutes and was OUT!

See his bandages?!! HA! I promise y'all that the scrape was about the size of a nickel! ;)

LK was very content with eating some Key Lime pie! YUM!

Today, we haven't done much. Grams and Mom stopped by to see the kid's new rooms and that's about the most exciting thing we've done! Unfortunately, LK woke up with a high fever.. no other symptoms, so she's been lying around and eating soup today. It's a good day for it though b/c it's super gloomy outside!

Now, onto their rooms!!! We decided that the boys would need the bigger room, since they'll be sharing, so we had to switch them up. I wanted to get it done soon so that they would both have time to adjust before Gray arrives. We ended up getting it all done Saturday morning before the kid's came back home. I was surprised at how smoothly it all went. I did my best to help Chris get all their furniture moved... I was kind of helpless! But.. we got it done and their rooms look great! Now, we just have to put Gray's crib and dressing table in the boy's room!

LK moved into the front bedroom, which is smaller. So.. no more pink kitchen!! WOW! My baby is WAY too big! We kept all her baby doll stuff in there though, so not TOO big! ;)

Her room look precious! I still have to hang curtains and switch out their lighting. (and maybe sneak down Justin Beiber! ha!)

The boys room is going to be adorable! I can't wait to get the crib in there to finish the look!

I still have to get his bedskirt.. I just can never decide what to get! I'll probably just end up with a standard white box pleat one. Still have to hang curtains in here too! And don't worry.. the pink light is moving to LK's room! ;)

The train table is moving to Chris' parents house, in their playroom. So, in the far corner is where the crib and dressing table will go. Ethan barely plays with his Thomas trains anymore, so we're keeping all the train sets and will just buy Gray a new table when he's ready to play with them.

All in all, it worked out really well! We really like the setup of their new rooms and they seem to enjoy them. I was completely exhausted after all that work though!! I'm still tired today. Chris even went alone to Kroger this morning for the weekly groceries and the kid's and I napped. He owed me anyway since he got to go out to Dan McGuiness with friends last night!! ;) (kidding... ) Tonight, we just relaxed, made manicotti for dinner and did laundry. Ethan is REALLY enjoying being able to watch Netflix on the iphones!

He didn't know that Daddy's phone had it too! He was excited!! Now, we just need to get him some boy headphones instead of LK's pink ones for school! haha!

So.. I think we're going to take it easy next weekend! ;) We are excited for Spring Break this week!!!! YAY for sleeping in!!! (i think i'm even more excited than the kids! ha!) I hope y'all have a great week!!



Kelly said...

The rooms look great! Congrats on the Baby Boy! I love his name!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I just love their rooms!