Friday, March 18

Friday Favorites

Saw this on Jessica's blog and had to play along...

Favorite time of day : Probably late afternoon. Between 2 & 4. That's when we get home from school and everyone is doing homework, chores, laundry, getting dinner going, playing.. all the things that make us a "family"! It's when our house really becomes a HOME!

Favorite season : FALL! The sports, the festivals, the colors, the clothes..

Favorite month : Gosh - I dont know. I'll go with December - I love when everything is in the Christmas spirit.

Favorite holiday : Christmas. I really like 4th of July too!!

Favorite subject in school : English Lit - I was an English major. Please dont ask me to solve a geometry problem!

Favorite channel : Food Network and HGTV

Favorite color : Green

Favorite song : Bob Seger - "Against The Wind" (makes me feel like a little girl again listening to it with my Daddy!) CLOSELY followed by "Piano Man" :)

Favorite movie : Steel Magnolias

Favorite celebrity : Rachel McAdams, Reese Witherspoon

Favorite kind of music : anything to keep me entertained. i dont really listen to anything when the kids are in the car b/c we're always chatting. and when they're not in the car my iphone is usually plugged in.

Favorite TV show : House, Fringe, Grey's, PP and anything on Food Network

Favorite thing to do : Shop

Favorite place in the world : anywhere with sun and water!

Favorite hobby : Blogging and sewing/embroidering.

Favorite kind of animal : dogs

Favorite place to live : Tennessee.. although, we've been itching to move to South Carolina lately! :)

Favorite place to vacation : the beach! and any big city to shop!!

Favorite restaurant : Gosh.. i dont know! Bonefish probably.. or Bahama Breeze. Maybe J.Alexander's, if I'm craving a yummy club!

Favorite food : grilled chicken, pasta, shrimp

Favorite thing to cook : I dont cook!! I like to bake though!

Favorite drink : Good ole Coca-Cola!

Favorite chore : I like organizing. (is that a real chore??! ha!)

Favorite makeup : MAC's mineralized line... and anything fun by Benefit

Favorite hair products : I like the Catwalk line and anything from Bumble and Bumble.

Favorite lotion : baby lotion

Favorite perfume : Vera Wang

Favorite blogger : Any of them.. most particularly, my friends.

Favorite thing to blog about : My babies!

Favorite books : I hardly ever have time to read anymore. My all-time fave is The Great Gatsby though.

Favorite verse : Proverbs 31:25 "She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come."

Favorite thing to wear : Dress, leggings, and flats. Cute, comfortable, and playing-on-the-floor friendly ;)

Favorite kind of day : Sunshine!! (but not the Memphis in August with HUMIDITY type of sunshine!!)

Favorite memory : all the memories i have with my grandfather.


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Eric said...

you should definitely move to south carolina! we like columbia because we are 2 hours away from the beach, 2 hours away from charlotte, and 2 hours away from the mountains! it is LOVELY!!