Friday, March 11


This week has been a lazy one around our house! (Kinds feels nice!!) I finally hooked Netflix up to our Wii and iphone and the kids (including Chris! ha!) are LOVING it!!! Now, Ethan has just about any superhero cartoon right at his fingertips. And our instant queue is making our carpool line wait all that much more bearable. So.. we've been discovering our new movies this week..

The kid's have also eaten these.. THANKS ALOT, Aunt Lyns!! ;)

Last night, Ethan wanted a mowhawk..

I called him Free Willy.. you know, b/c his fin is folded over! ha! ;)

He decided to put on a show for me. I was excited!! Usually he shys away from my camera.

I sure do love this kiddo!

His poor mowhawk! His hair is just too long.

and I couldn't resist a pic of my sweet (and ONLY!) girl!!

.. and the world's best pup!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!! The kiddos are spending the night out tonight, so Chris and I are planning dinner somewhere! We need a break.. BIG time! ;)


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