Tuesday, March 22

a major boo boo!

Well, this morning definitely gave us a run for our money!! It quickly went from ordinary to completely unexpected!!

E and I dropped LK off a school and then came home to get ourselves ready for the day. I heard Ethan coming down the hallway (I was in my bathroom getting makeup on) and then he fell. It didn't sound like a hard fall but he was crying a little. I called out for him to come to me so I could look at his "boo boo". Well, he wouldn't come! I called again and he still wouldn't come. So I walked out into the hallway to see him sitting in the middle of it with blood ALL OVER the hardwood. I immediately went into a panic! I didn't see any broken or exposed bones, so I was at a loss at to what was going on!! There was NOTHING around him! Then I noticed that the blood was pouring out of a cut on the bottom of his big toe!

So, I tried to call my mom, but she was in a seminar for work... GREAT! I tried to call Chris but he was busy at work too.. double GREAT!! I finally got a hold of Chris and we decided to try to bandage it a home b/c it seemed like the bleeding was stopping.

Well, I was wrong! After a few minutes it was soaking right through the bandaids! So, I picked it him and got him in the car to head to LeBonheur Minor Med. On a slight chance, I called the pediatricians office to see if they could help. (they are literally around the corner!) They could!! She told to bring him right in.

So, we ended up not getting stitches, but he did have to have dermabond (the superglue like stuff) to seal it closed and several bandaids to keep anything out of it. WOW! Talk about a heart-stopper!! Not to mention that he refused to walk on it, so here I am.. almost 6mo pregnant carrying my almost 4yr old around!

Once we finally left the doctor's office, we went by Target to get a new Batman toy.. yes, I completely gave in! ;) Then headed home for a nap. He slept for almost THREE hours!!! Poor guy! I felt so bad for him! He has spent this afternoon lying on the couch and playing with his superheroes in his room.

Noni came by with superhero books and "get well" goodies!

Hopefully he will be back to feeling better ASAP!



Neely said...

I hope hes ok! You poor things!!

Ben and Emily said...

Poor thing! I'm glad your Doctor was able to get y'all in fast!