Friday, March 25

Hello Sunshine!!

This past weekend the weather in Memphis was GORGEOUS!!! We definitely needed it too! We took full advantage! We all woke up bright and early on Sunday. Chris took Huck to the Greenline for a run and the kiddos and I started doing things around the house. After quick naps and a trip for weekly groceries, we all headed to Shelby Farms to enjoy the sunshine and feed the ducks.

Ethan found this in the backyard..

They had SO much fun!!! Who knew a $2 kite would be such a big hit??! Thanks so Aunt Joell and Donny for the kites! ;)

Chris had to dodge the kites a few times!

My handsome little man!

She actually ran a little and didn't complain about the heat and sun! Shocking.. for sure! ;)

Daddy was a little worn out!

After flying kites, we drove over the big lake to feed the geese and ducks. Ethan kept saying.. "It looks like the beach!!" I think we're definitely going to have to get planning on that family beach vacation ASAP! :)

Cutest Family on Earth!! I am one lucky lady!

and then of course... there's Ethan! haha! ;)

I heard that the new awesome playground is opening sometime in the beginning of April! We are SO excited!! We will definitely be frequent visitors!



Ben and Emily said...

Looks like a fun weekend! Hope y'all have another fun weeekend!

Neely said...

Great pics!