Wednesday, March 30

a few websites...

Ok.. ya'll know that lately I've been shopping up a storm for Baby Gray. Not to mention, getting LK and E stocked up on their summer wardrobes. I shared with ya'll some of my favorites go-to sites with smocked goodies, but I also came across a few sites lately that I thought were FABULOUS!!! I dont know why I haven't discovered them before now and shame on ya'll for not letting me know sooner!!! ;) (kidding!)

First up.. Zulily.. pretty much just like Rue La La for kiddos!

They have some GREAT stuff right now!! My fave, the L'Amour shoes. LOVE those sweet little shoes for babies!! They also have some good deals on Crocs (Ethan's fave!) and those sweet little Trumpet socks!

Next up.. Totsy.. again, just like Rue La La for kiddos!

Loving their Crocodile Creek goodies right now!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE CC!! They also have some great Melissa & Doug toys (wooden toys are my fave!) and they have Caden Lane coming up soon!! :)

Last site is non-shopping related (go figure! ha!)..

Have ya'll heard of it? I've actually had an account with them for about a year but have never used it. Really randomly I realized that they have an iPhone app and fell absolutely IN LOVE with it!! Basically it's a family calendar app that both Chris and I can signed in to on our iPhones and can constantly have access to/update our schedules, grocery lists, to-do lists and several other things. I LOVE that we can both have immediate access to it and be able to check and update it. Life with 2 kiddos can be extremely stressful and we're about to add one more to the mix! YIKES!! Especially now that they are both so involved in activities, we definitely have to try to stay as organized as possible. I see this as something that can truly simplify our lives and keep us on track! (at least I REALLY hope so!) Try it out.. you'll LOVE it!

Ok.. that's all! Serisouly.. if ya'll know of any other great shopping sites like this, I fully expect you to share! ha! :)

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