Tuesday, March 8

Gender Revealment Party

Saturday was our Gender Revealment Party for Baby Stickles #3!! Now, I'm sure you all remember that we went to our ultrasound last Wednesday. We had the sweet lady write the gender down in a sealed envelope and then we gave that to Chris' mom. She, then, had a co-worker fax it to Chris' Aunt Joell. SOO... for 3 whole days Joell was the only family member to know! Talk about going crazy!!! I was a hot mess, that's for sure!! She was busy making an adorable cake that, when we cut into it, was either going to be BLUE or PINK! AHH!!

I had NO IDEA what color that cake was going to be!! I still had my "girl" feeling, but I also had a gut feeling that I was sure I saw "boy parts"! ha! So.. just to prepare myself, I started looking at both girl and boy items to purchase. ;)

Saturday, we had our entire family over for the party. You can bet that I was up at 6am!! I was busy cleaning and getting everything ready for the party. There was no way that I could sit down and relax. My mind was going 90 miles a min in anticipation! Everything went so well!! We had the best time and of course the food was delish!

Baby #3

My 20 week ultrasound

Everyone got to pick either a blue or pink ribbon!!

It seemed that everyone came bearing gifts for the big brother and big sister!! Including a gum ball machine from Aunt Lynsey!! (thanks ALOT, Lyns!!) ;)

The GORGEOUS cake that Joell made!!!! I just love it!

Aunt Lyns

Joell and Donnie

Brittany and Brian

Noni and Papa

My step-mom, Sheri and her sweet Momma!

Goo Goo and Grandma Smith

My baby sister, Elena Grace, and her boyfriend

B and Tiffany

Me and Nana Sheri


When it was time to cut the cake, I was a ball of nerves! Chris said that my hand was shaking as I was holding the cake knife! ha! (*watch LK's face as these pics progress.. HILARIOUS!*)

Here we go... everyone is excited!!

We saw BLUE!!!


Chris is SO happy to be getting another little man in the house!!! LK is in disbelief!

I just honestly didn't know what to think! ha!

LK was NOT happy!!! She wanted a baby sister so badly!

Do you see that face??!!! I'm sure she thought that this was some kind of terrible joke! Poor thing!

... and then she started crying... for almost 20 min!! I felt so bad for her!

She is MUCH better now! We told her that this really works out in her benefit! Now, she gets to have a sweet baby sibling, BUT she doesn't have to share a thing!! And even better, she can get to have special days all by herself with Mommy or Daddy whenever she wants.. b/c that's what being the only girl entails!! She's really looking forward to regular mani/pedis and shopping sprees with Mommy, now! :) She's also excited that she gets to switch rooms with her brother, so that the boys can share a room. Now, she'll be in the front of the house where the baby won't wake her up in the middle of the night. (she was worried about that! ha!)

The Caldwells

Of course.. everyone was watching the Memphis game

Delicious food makes everything better!

The most amazing man I know!!! I can't thank him enough for being the incredible husband and father that he is.. and for blessing me with THREE of the sweetest children on Earth!

So... I'm SO happy to say that GRAY DAVIS STICKLES will be joining our family sometime in July!!! We couldn't be happier! My life will forever be superheroes, dirt, baseball and dumptrucks!

After the party Candice, April and I left the kiddos with the husbands and went to dinner.. and MUCH needed girl's dinner!! We had a great time! We were all exhausted from the excitement of the day and completely stuffed from all the party food that we really ended up not eating much! ha! But.. it's always nice to get away from "life" for a few minutes and enjoy catching up (ok.. gossiping) with your best friends! :) LOVE THEM!

Sunday we did a whole lot of nothing! We cleaned up the mess from the party and did our weekly grocery shopping. I also went by Old Navy and stocked up on their $4 t-shirts and shorts for the kiddos.. they are SET for summer play clothes!!

I hope everyone else had a great weekend!! I'll try to keep y'all updated on how we are now preparing for another baby boy in our house!


The LaJeunesse Family said...

Congratulations!!! I would have been so anxious that day too! Love that you didn't know and found out with everyone else too. So happy!

Sarah said...

I absolutely love this!! Congrats on a baby boy!! :) And I looooooooove the name!! :)

Kristen said...

Congrats! I love the name that you have picked out!

When you posted a pic of the reveal the other day I noticed LK's face right away! Poor girl! Luckily she has all those shopping trips and mani pedis to look forward to!

Natasha said...

i still laugh everytime i see LK's face...just priceless

Jen said...

What a beautiful party; you did a great job! Congrats on your little boy :)

Ben and Emily said...

What a fun party! The cake is adorable too!

Love his name!

The Matthews' Family said...

Love the name! I am having a girl and her middle name will be Grey! Good luck and congratulations!