Tuesday, October 11

Being A Mom of Three Means...

that you have to be RIDICULOUSLY organized!!!

So, I decided to join in on all the hype and put together a home organization notebook. I've seen several blogs here lately posting theirs, so I had some great help on how to put mine together! (I've actually had it together for quite a while now.. just took me a while to blog about it!) Mine is pretty simple, but it helps alot and it's an easy way for Chris to see what we have planned for that day and be able to lend a helping hand! :)

I found an old notebook in my desk and just used that.

I have 10 tabs: Calendar, Daily Checklist, Weekly Chores, Meals & Groceries, Recipes, Budget, Kiddos, Blog, Important Dates & Gift Ideas, Extra Paper

On our Calendar, I keep the most important things visable so everyone can see them. This was our month of September. (I took this early in the month.. it got ALOT crazier!)

I also punch a hole in any invitation we get and put it with that month. That way it doesn't take up space on the fridge, but I dont lose it! :)

*I used alot of the printables that Blue Eyed Bride referenced.*
This is my Daily Checklist. It's printed in two week sections. My friend, Jessica, mentioned that she wanted to laminate hers so she could use it over and over. I think I might try that with mine too. Same with the Weekly Chores list! :)

Weekly Chores

I printed off a blog calendar too. Obviously, this has fallen behind! ;) I'm trying though!!

We've also started Meal Planning and grocery shopping for only those items that we need. We've already cut down alot on our weekly grocery bill!! I've been getting ALOT of recipe ideas (especially crock pot ideas!) off Pinterest, but that's a separate post!

LOVE this grocery list!!!

In the Kiddos Section, I keep all of their school calendars and important notes. An easy reference to remind me of anything I need to know and so I can keep up to date with what their learning.

That's pretty much it, in a nutshell! Nothing big, but just right for our little family. I also purchased an Erin Condren Life Planner! OH.MY.GOODNESS.. why didn't I do it sooner??!!! I loved my momAgenda, but this is just life changing! ;) I purchased a "code" on Plum District forever ago, but decided to wait until Candice took G's newborn pics, b/c I wanted the kiddos on the cover. It was definitely worth the wait.. I LOVE it!!

It has a spot for everything!!!

We also decided to do something new with the kiddos. We have started chores. Yes.. chores! So far so good!! I got cute little charts off etsy and the kiddos seem to really enjoy helping out. Now, the "chores" are nothing big.. and we're not very strict about them. That will change as they get older.

LK's chores

E's chores

At the end of the week if they have most of the stars filled in then they get to pick a prize from the reward jar. For the reward jar, I bought an oversized mason jar of sorts and filled it up with strips of paper. Each strip of paper has a reward written on it. We did small things and big things.. anything from "buy something from the Target $1 section" to "A movie date with Mommy/Daddy". So.. you never know what you're getting!! As of right now.. it's working! So, we'll see how long we can keep it up!! ;) It's also been great for Mommy and Daddy.. we dont feel like we're repeating ourselves quite as much! ha!


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Natasha said...

i'm going to be emailing you for all sorts of mommy advice soon--haha!! great organization lady and i am loving the chores...maybe i can do one for jeff!!