Wednesday, October 12

just a little behind...

So, obviously I am WAY behind on blogging. Life with 3 kiddos leaves little to no time for blogging. I try, I promise that I really do! I'm trying to catch up on all the important stuff that's happened over the last three months, but as I'm uploading pictures I'm realizing that I'm not really blogging about all the everyday stuff. So.. here are a bunch of random pics that I've snapped recently that just don't really have a blog post home! :) Enjoy!! (I'll get back to serious updating tomorrow!!)

G LOVES his playmat!!

He likes it better though if you stay down on the floor and play along with him! 
He has awesome head control and loves to sit up and even stand up.

I'm starting to mistake my husband for Grizzly Adams! ;) (just kidding.. he's actually clean shaven again... these pics were from weeks ago!)

One afternoon, LK and I had a shower to attend, so the boys headed out for an afternoon of fun at Putt Putt. They hit up the batting cages and some of the games inside. Unfortunately, it started raining while they were there, so they couldn't play a round of golf. They have a date to go back again soon.

They found a star wars arcade game!!

Look at those lips!!

This is the only pic I have of him in his sleep sack. He HATES it!! Chris found it completely off of him at the bottom of his feet! Not to mention that he had a puddle of sweat underneath him! Needless to say, I wont be putting it on him again. :)

He was helping me with dinner one evening... and Huck was helping to babysit! :)

Gray LOVES bath time!! 

Family Game Night!! They were all enjoying a rousing game of Disney Pictionary!! ;)

They love playing with their baby brother!

We've also had a lot of fun going to all the football games!!! LK is LOVING cheering!

OK.. I promise not to get so behind in blogging again! My husband said that I should have started the post with "I'm SOOOO sorry!!" ha!


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