Tuesday, October 4

Disney On Ice

Two weekends ago, we took the kiddos to Disney On Ice. We always love Disney On Ice!! This year, Mickey, Minnie, and Gang came along with Peter Pan & Tinkerbell, Lilo & Stitch, The Lion King, and The Little Mermaid. Since we've been to several now, we were able to compare and this one was just ok. Still good.. but not as good as some of the others we've been to. The best part was the Peter Pan part. It lasted the entire second half and the characters FLEW!

I took my big camera with me to take pictures and almost didn't get allowed in with it. They were restricting DSLR cameras b/c they didn't want professional pics taken. (umm.. have they seen the pics I take?? ha!) Luckily, I got a really nice man who checked my purse and allowed me in with it. Little did I know.. I didn't have my memory card!!! I hear people saying that this has happened to them, but up to this point, it had never happened to me. I even made sure to charge the battery before we left.. but NO memory card! Chris just laughed! I didn't have my point and shoot.. of course! I was stuck with using my iPhone. The pictures are TERRIBLE.. but at least we have a few! :)

Faith.. and Trust.. and a little bit of.. PIXIE DUST!

We were clapping b/c we believe in fairies! (you know in the movie when Tink takes the bomb from Peter? well, in this show, they use poison. Tink drinks the poison and we all have to clap to get her back up.. it was cute!)

They even had a pirate ship!

.. and a Crocodile!!! (we all sang.. Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock)

After Captain Hook and Peter fought, Hook fell into the Crock and it collapsed on top of him! Everyone cheered!

Fireworks closed the show!

We had a great time!! Can't wait to see which show comes next year! We're hoping Toy Story and Cars!! :)

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Natasha said...

i TOTALLY want to see disney on ice...kid at heart ;)