Tuesday, October 25

My Birthday!

I just have to take a minute to gush on my sweet kiddos and amazing husband! They sure know how to make a girl (old lady!) feel special! :) I had a wonderful day! The weather was gorgeous.. I was able to get alot of "to do's" marked off my list.. and I got to spend it with the ones I love the most! :)

I was surprised with a much needed facial at my fave place!! I LOVE these girls!!

I also got a mini ironing board for my sewing. I've been needing one badly and was tired of dragging the big one out everytime I needed to do a small applique.

There was a lovely little green box from GiGi's wating on me when I got home too! :) YUM! A little variety for everyone!

{please ignore the GINORMOUS bandaid! he was being very dramatic about a tiny scrape! ha!}

Gray was extremely interested in what a cupcake was!

Wedding Cake is her fave! :)

He obviously enjoyed the chocolate!!

I got big birthday smiles!!!

Hands down.. I am the luckiest woman alive!

Here's Gray enjoying his cupcake! He was loving the icing.. the cake - not so much! :) (listen to the end of the video when LK is trying to be "Mommy".. hilarious!!)


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Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

What a fun way to celebrate!!