Saturday, October 22

A Day In The Life - Stickles Family

I've seen several friends lately doing "A Day in the Life" posts, so I thought I'd join along and give y'all a glimpse into our everyday life! Our days are incredibly hectic, to say the least! No two days are EVER the same and almost always something completely unexpected comes up. I'm going to throw in a few random pics of the boys along the way to give you something cute to look at! ;) Sometimes I think, how in the world do I do this everyday?? But I know that one day, it will all be worth it.. when my kiddos look back and see that I was able to be so much a part of their everyday lives. I'm so thankful that I get to be with them and not rely on daycare. They're only babies for such a short period.. I'm not missing a second! :) So.. here's a typical day at the Stickles House!

5am - Gray wakes up and Chris feeds him.

5:30 - Gray goes back to sleep and Chris gets ready then leaves for work. He usually leaves about 6:30.

7:30 - Gray wakes back up {yes, he's my alarm clock!} and I wake Lilly Kate up for school. We do baths and pack lunches the night before so that saves us a lot of trouble in the mornings!!

8:10 - I wake Ethan up and we take LK to school. Sometimes he may already be awake, watching cartoons. LK likes to eat breakfast at school. If she doesn't, then she eats at home and we'll leave a little later.

8:30 - We get home, I feed Ethan breakfast. Gray goes to MDO on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so on those days I have to pack his diaper bag. I also do my morning chores during this time.

9am - I dress Ethan and Gray for the day and then get myself ready. {and by ready, I mean.. brush my hair and teeth, throw on yoga pants, and hope that I at least smell halfway decent! ha!}

9:30 - I drop Ethan off at school (and Gray on T/Th).

10 am - 2 pm I work. I'm blessed that I get to work from home and sometimes go into the office while both boys are in MDO/Preschool. I get to make a little money and still get to be home with my kiddos. Alot of people have asked what I do.. well, a little bit of everything. I work for a small technology company and run their office. It's just the two owners, a few sales people, some techs, and me. So, I do all of the administrative stuff.. accounting/purchasing/payroll/HR.. everything. I work off of email and am able to log in to our server from home. I LOVE MY JOB!

2 pm - I leave to go pick the boys up. On Thursdays, Ethan takes a cooking class after school. So both boys stay later. On that day, I run errands until it's time to pick LK up, then pick the boys up after her.

2:30 - I get the boys and then head over to LK's school to pick her up.

3:00-3:15 - LK gets out of school and we go home.

We're home by 3:30. In the afternoons, we do homework, start afternoon chores, get dinner ready, and wait for Chris to get home.

Chris is usually home by 5. We typically eat dinner between 5:30 and 6pm. On Thursdays, I have to head into Germantown to take LK to cheer practice from 6-7. After dinner, it's time for baths, a little bit of playing and then books before bed. Bedtime is 8pm. Gray usually gets his bath right after this and then his bedtime bottle. He tends to fall asleep during his bottle. We're working on gettting him to finish his bottle and then self soothe himself to sleep.. right now he's protesting! ha!

After that, Chris and I catch up on some DVR'd shows and then pass out!

So.. that's a day in our life! SOO exciting, I know! ;) It's a simple life, but we love it! And you can almost be guaranteed that SOMETHING will go wrong during the course of a typical day, which will cause us to be late/cranky for somewhere that we have to be. Someone will end up getting sick or hurting themselves, which in turn causes an unexpected Peds trip! I will discover that I forgot to pick something up at the grocery, or ran out of something too early - usally diapers, formula, or dog food.. so a Target or Kroger trip is almost expected daily! (and I REALLY do try to meal plan/prepare for everything!) It definitely takes the full cooperation of everyone in our house (including poor Huck) to get us all through the day in one piece! The days that everything actually goes according to plan.. I just let out a huge sigh of relief and prepare myself for the mayhem that awaits me tomorrow! :)


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