Thursday, October 6

Halloween Costumes!

The kiddos have chosen their Halloween costumes for this year.. I can't believe it! We have gone back and forth so many times, but they finally seemed certain with what they chose. So.. I bought them. No going back now! ha!

LK will be an adorable monster!

We were deciding between a blue fairy princess, an octopus, a cupcake, and this. I think this is precious!!

Ethan will be the blue one-eyed brother monster

He was deciding between a bat, a shark, a coyote, the superhero Hawkeye (which i'm VERY surprised that he didn't chose - but it keeps me from having to figure out how to make Hawkeye so i'm not complaining!! ha!), and this. SOOO cute!!

And Sweet Gray...

The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

A lady on ETSY is making this for me and promises to have it mailed to me by Halloween! PRECIOUS!

And our family costumes for our party this year... you'll have to wait to see!!! ;) We are SOO excited for Halloween!

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p.V.e said...

So cute! Little kids costumes are the cutest! Can't wait to see pics!