Monday, October 10

Gray's Sip and See

When Gray was 6 weeks old, (yes, that's how far behind I am on blogging!) we had a small Sip and See for family and close friends. It was really great to get everyone together so they could all love on sweet baby Gray.

Beth came with her sweet baby Laine.

Ms. Ellie is my grandmother's best friend. She just fell in love with G.

Goo Goo and LK

Great Grandma Mae got to come meet Gray! She hadn't had a chance to meet him yet, so we were all anticipating her visit. She is 97 and probably in better health than I am!

Sweet Boy loved all the attention and held out as long as he could before he fell asleep!

I realized that I needed more pics of him in his daygowns, since we all know that I'll never see him or any other Stickles baby in one! ;) So, we had a little mini photoshoot in his room after the Sip and See. :)

This is the daygown that he wore home from the hospital.

LOVE the embroidery!!

As you can see he was hamming it up for me! ;)

And then he was OUT!

We had a wonderful day with family and are so thankful for each and every one of them! They all love my kiddos just as much as I do! :) Gray is such a sweet and special little boy.. he is the perfect #3!


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