Wednesday, October 19

Has it REALLY been 10 years??

I'm going to start this post by saying that today I am feeling EXTREMELY old!!! #1 - tomorrow is my birthday. I'm turning 29.. my LAST year to be in my 20's!! SAD! #2 - i am the mom of THREE kiddos! and #3 - i am about to post about my TEN YEAR high school reunion! AHHH!! Yes.. O-L-D!

A few weeks ago, Chris and I attended my high school reunion. We got together with all of the girls from school and enjoyed a night out on the town! It was definitely long overdue! We were able to get all dressed up, meet up with friends, enjoy an adult dinner, and there was definitely lots of dancing and adult beverages! LOVED IT! :) I am so blessed that I am still best friends with the same group of girls that I've been friends with since high school.. a few even longer than that! They are amazing women and I love them all so much! We always have the best time together and even if we haven't seen each other in months, we can pick right up where we left off.

The night was SO fun! We all met up at Bahama Breeze for dinner before hand. (which took FOREVER! 18 people for dinner! YIKES!) It was great to sit and chat {gossip} with everyone. After dinner, we headed to the Reunion.
LOVE his bowtie!!

My Marcus.. friends since elementary school!
Jacqueline, Leigh, Emily, Me, April, Candice

The Dodds

The Pitts

We met Amanda and Haley at Woodland Hills

Deaver and Zach

Prom Dates 2001! :)

Too many beers?? Probably! ;)

Of course there was late night dancing! Felt like old times!!

Reason # 3,487,903 why I love him!


Zach! Friends since 2nd grade!!! LOVE him!

After the Reunion, we decided to keep the party going and all headed out a new club in town, Electric Cowboy. Definitely not the classiest place in town, but still fun none the less. I was definitely feeling my age with all the 19 year old running around! ha!

April and Chris have been together since Junior Year of high school and have been married since 2006. LK ws their flower girl!

Leigh showing off her classy glass! ha! Hey.. we joked and made the best of it! ;)

We all joked with Chris all night that he looked like Joey Sulipeck in his bow tie, so I even wrote that name on his name tag! It was hilarious!

I can not believe that we've been out of high school for 10 years! Although, some days (when I'm running myself ragged with three kiddos!) it feels like it's been a lifetime! I also can't believe that I'm about to embark on my last year of being a 20-something! I plan to make this year the best one of all!! :)



Natalie and Lee said...

Looks like y'all had so much fun! LOVE your dress; you looked so pretty~!

Ben and Emily said...

Looks like a blast with wonderful friends! I love your dress!!

Love from Texas said...

Y'all look like so much fun! And I'd loved to know how you curled your hair. It's adorable!

p.V.e said...

Looks like so much fun! It's so weird how time flies! I only graduated 2 years ago but even that short amount of time has flown by!

Lindsey @ The Savvy Speechie said...

Haha so fun! You looked beautiful- love that dress!

Jax @ JaxandMarbles said...

Bahahaha..that pic of me erica and amanda dancing is hilarous!! Love you lady!