Thursday, October 20

Oh Happy Day! {Brittany's Wedding}

I am FINALLY going to post about Brittany's wedding! On October 1st, my sweet SIL Brittany Stickles became Mrs. Brittany Burns. I couldn't been more excited or happy for her and Brian. I love them both so dearly! The day was perfect. Everything came together just right! The food was delish. The weather was amazing! All in all, an incredible day full of love! I took tons of pics, so I just going to let you enjoy their big day in pictures! :)

Most Handsome Ring Bearer I've ever seen! :)

Brian is Jewish, so they did the traditional breaking of the glass and yelling MAZEL TOV! 

Congrats Brittany and Brian! We love you both so much!


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Darlene said...

I just love weddings. The day looked lovely.

Oh, and don't worry about moving into a new decade. We DO get better with age!