Wednesday, October 12

Pudding Pops, Birdhouses, and Apples.. OH MY!

While I was spending way too much time on Pinterest one day, I spotted the most adorable little pudding pop molds! Of course, I immediately pinned them and just knew that Ethan had to have them. And wouldn’t you know.. a few days later we were in PBO and they had them!! (super cheap too.. $9!) Ethan spotted them and was begging to have them. I just knew it! ;) So, we quickly put them in the cart and headed home to make pudding pops! You can actually use them for fruit and pudding and just about anything you want to fill them with.

They were really good about taking turns to make the pudding. Crazy me bought the wrong pudding too! I bought the kind that you actually have to cook instead of just mix and pour! :( So.. I had to take over eventually.

They turned out great!!

We had to wait until the following night to eat them. It took a while for them to set since I had to use the cooked pudding. But, it was worth the wait.. they gobbled them up! :)

Ethan FINALLY got around to painting his birdhouse that he made with Chris. Of course, he had to have Tiger Blue! It’s precious!! As soon as it dried, I hung it on the front porch! :)

Ethan is really enjoying his cooking class at school. They do the most fun things! I’m going to post pics from all his little “projects”, but I just had to include this picture. It just makes me heart smile! :)


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