Thursday, October 13

Blue Angels

About a month ago, the Blue Angels were in town. Growing up in a military family, I've always gone to see the Blue Angels whenever they'e come into town! It's always alot of fun and super exciting.. especially for little kids!

Ethan and LK had a great time and loved going through all of the airplanes on display. We didn't get to stay long enough to actually see the Blue Angels fly, but we saw alot of other squadrons. It was a great day! The weather was perfect!! The only downfall was the 1+ hour that we sat on Navy Road trying to get into the airport!! NOT FUN! Luckily, everyone held it together and we managed to get there without going crazy on each other in the proccess! ha!

Going through all the airplanes made me feel like a little girl again! I remember going on base with my grandparents and Dad and seeing all the airplanes.

Silly me forgot my zoom lens, so I didn't get any close ups! :)

They enjoyed seeing the FedEx planes just as much as the military aircraft. My grandfather was a retired Marine, who flew in the helicopters in Vietnam, and also retired from FedEx.. so we have alot of aviation love flowing through our veins! :)

My little helper! (and it will be A LONG TIME before this girl is allowed to get her license when the time comes.. she was weaving EVERYWHERE! ha!)

G did SO good!! I was nervous about all the loud noise, but we put earplugs in his ears and he was OUT!

Doesn't he look adorable in those earplugs!

We had a great time!! When they come back again, we will make sure to go later in the day so that we can see the Blue Angels fly. I'm so glad that the kiddos enjoyed it!!


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