Thursday, November 10

October Odds & Ends

Yes.. I know it's Novemeber 10th. Yes.. I know these pictures are from October. Yes.. I know that I am ridiculously behind in blogging.. AGAIN! :( I'm trying.. I really really am! Life with 3 kiddos is a little hectic to say the least. Especially when I decide to schedule for every doctor and dentist appointment imaginable almost every day of the week simply because we've all met our deductibles for the year (thank you, Baby Gray!) and I'm trying to get everything and everyone seen before December 31st!! I am a determined woman! So far in the past two weeks we've been too: Chris Dentist, Natalie Dentist, Ethan Ear Surgery and a Check up, Gray 4mo Checkup (4mo post coming soon!), LK & E Dentist, Me - ENT and hopefully being schedule for sinus surgery!, Chris yearly physical, Me - another outpatient surgery.. and the list goes on! I assure you that we are a healthy family.. just trying to cross a few things off the list while we dont have to pay for it! :)

I promise to get caught up in all my posts soon.. In the meantime.. here's a few random October pics to keep you smiling! :) (they sure make me smile!)

So.. the kiddos LOVED their Halloween costumes this year. ALOT! They would randomly put them on and wear them around the house.

Just reading a Scholastic Book Order.. no big deal! ;)

She caught me!

He found an old Sonic Hedgehog came at Noni and Papa's house.

How stinkin' cute is this little monster!!?! I loved his little smocked number for school!

Ethan loves his "men". Lately, he's been lining them all up. He says that they're ready for battle this way! He makes me laugh.

Ready for the pumpkin patch at school!! SO CUTE!

This is Ethan's best smile these days! He's so over my camera!!

E was Star of the Week at school! This was his awesome poster!

I just had to show y'all this. My friend, April's, mom was able to get us some goodies from the Kellogg warehouse sale. This isn't even 1/2 of everything we got. There were over 70 of the bowls of cereal, 12 boxes of 12 packs of both chocolate and raspberry poptarts, 6 boxes of 12 individual bags of Cheez Its, 50 bags of fruitsnacks, and even more! We got it all for $60! Can you believe that!!! We split everything up between all the grandparents so that they had snacks and stuff for when the kiddos came over. It was an awesome deal!! Thank you, Ms. Theresa! :)

Gray loves playing with his big brother!

Several weekends ago, Chris and I attended the Navy Ball with my grandparents. They are part of the Navy League Mid-South and attend every year. It was held at the Cook Covention Center in downtown Memphis and was absolutely wonderful! We enjoyed a delicious dinner and danced the night away! I have to say, that my husband looked mighty handsome in his tux! :) The guest speaker for the evening was David Keith. He played Sid Worly in the movie An Officer and a Gentleman. LOVE LOVE LOVE that movie, so I was a little star struck.. yes! Although, I did refrain and did not join the super long line to get my picture taken with him! I played it cool! ;) It was so nice to get out of the house and endulge in an adult evening.

Bompa looked mighty spiffy, himself! :) Speaking of it being November 10th and posting a picture of my sweet Bompa.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARINE CORP!!! I am so thankful for the men and women who serve. A special Happy Birthday to those Marines guarding Heaven's streets! My sweet Pop is among you and we are sending big birthday wishes his way! Another Thank You to all service veterans for tomorrow. Happy Veteran's Day to you! I am ever grateful for everything you have given to me and my family.

I saw this on FB this morning:


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