Monday, November 21

Southern Snow

Several weeks ago, while it was still warm (although it is in the high 60's today!), we took the kiddos over to Shelby Farms to get some pictures in the cotton. I dont know about you, but late Septemeber to mid October is one of my favorite times of the year. Mostly b/c all of the gorgeous white cotton that lays over the fields like pure white snow. I absolutely love it! I couldn't resist trying to get a few pics of them.

I still dont have any of my photoshop editing actions reinstalled on my computer, but they're still cute anyway! :)

We're having family pics taken downtown in December, but I'm thinking I'm going to use this one for the Christmas card this year! it melts my heart!

Chris Stickles Jr!


This is SO an Aunt Lynsey look! ;)

Sweet Little Man!

I absolutely love them!


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Jenny said...

Love the pictures - your kids are adorable. Especially with all of that sass!